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At PRgloo we are all about making your life easier. We provide PR solutions for busy communications teams to manage all aspects of your media and marketing activity including enquiry management, newsroom and social media publication, influencer engagement and coverage. We’re so innovative that even stakeholder, campaign management and internal comms can all be managed from our platform.

By providing a single, easy to use platform for your teams to manage their day to day and strategic tasks, PRgloo is able to shine a light on all the hard work which is currently being done – especially in areas which may otherwise be invisible to senior management. 

We focus 100% of our energy on building a fast, intuitive, deliciously designed platform which saves PR teams masses of time, reduces the need for multiple overlapping systems and which is simple to use.

 We have a 97% retention rate and pride ourselves on providing a product priced like an app but with an enterprise level of support.

But don’t take our word for it – take a look for yourself:

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