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PureClarity is the award-winning, leading AI-based eCommerce personalisation software platform proven to increase online revenue by 26%.  

Suitable for both B2C and B2B, PureClarity is designed to provide a highly personalised visitor experience that will increase sales conversions, increase average order value and build customer loyalty. Through its powerful real-time AI, PureClarity analyses visitor behaviour at three different levels to present highly targeted products, banners, promotions and offers relevant to each customer segment. 

All this is achieved through Personalised Real-Time AI Recommenders, Personalised Marketing Campaigns and Personalisation within Email and Search. 

Additional features include A/B Testing & Optimisation, Cold Start Package for businesses with low customer data volumes, an AI Recommender Engine which ensures the correct recommender is delivered at the right time in the right place and ensures no duplication of product, unlimited customer segments and unique B2B personalisation tools.

Offering extremely competitive pricing with all personalisation features included, PureClarity is one of the few marketplace providers to truly provide real value in the personalisation arena.  

PureClarity also partners with key Solution and Technology Providers enabling them to offer their clients a world-class ecommerce personalisation and merchandising solution, safe in the knowledge they will be implementing one of the most intelligent, robust solutions available today.

Headquartered in York, UK, PureClarity has a highly energetic and passionate team of ecommerce specialists servicing a wide range of clients and partners around the globe with additional offices in London and New York, USA.

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