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Less than half-mile from Manchester city centre you will find the Grade II listed Victorian building which is home to the Manchester Tennis and Racquet Club. Established in 1876, MTRC is the only Victorian sporting club in the city and boasts more than 400 members.

In addition to a squash court, Manchester also features a rackets court, the only surviving club court in England, apart from the Queen’s Club in West Kensington. Rackets is commonly held to be the fastest of all ball games and the present court has remained continuously in play for nearly 140 years.

The real tennis court is regularly used by around 130 of the club members. Real tennis, sometimes called “the sport of Kings” or “royal tennis”, is the original indoor racquet sport, dating from the 1400’s. Royal interest in England began with Henry V, but it was Henry V111 who made the greatest contribution to the game by building courts at many of his palaces. The Royal connection to the game is still strong and Prince Edward spent a day in Manchester recently playing the game with various club members.

Today, there are 28 courts in the UK and the game is also played in Australia, France and USA. Regular matches against other clubs feature on many weekends at Manchester plus several national tournaments.

Because the game is played off handicap, there is a wide variety of abilities and the club’s two full-time professionals are seen regularly on court giving lessons to members.

The club also boasts a dining room, used most days by members, and other function areas for meetings and events. Our full-time chef caters for small meetings to larger events, such as weddings (100+ capability), in the unique Victorian atmosphere of the club.

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