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YouGov is a global provider of data and analysis generated by consumer panels in over 40 markets. We are powered by our unique connected data set, the YouGov Cube, encompassing hundreds of thousands of variables and over a decade of data on our highly engaged proprietary global panel of over 8 million people.

Each day, that panel provides us with their opinions, attitudes and behaviours. We combine this continuous stream of data with our research expertise to provide insights that enable intelligent decision-making and informed conversations. Our integrated suite of products, services and tools operates as a systematic platform serving YouGov data and intelligence for all stages of the marketing workflow.

As the market research pioneer of Multilevel Regression with Poststratification(MRP) for accurate predictions at a granular level, YouGov data consistently outperforms others on accuracy, as concluded by Pew Research. We combine that with our advanced analytical technology and unique connected data set to provide the most accurate, complete, and dynamic portrait of the world.

YouGov. The best data, the best tools.

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