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Ben Young Ben Young
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Commercial Director
Digital Media Team

Formed in 2015, Digital Media Team had just 5 members of staff, a small cosy office and big dreams. Nearly five years on, the team has quadrupled in size, moved offices three times and has gained an irrefutable reputation as the UK’s leading paid social agency for eCommerce brands – with Ben Young at the helm. Over the years Ben has helped guide a vast array of eCommerce companies into the modern world of social marketing whilst moving away from traditional media. A true expert in his field, he has been involved in the world of paid social from the days of basic traffic campaigns through to the multi-faceted giant it is today. Like the industry he works for, Ben is constantly on the move, proactively searching for new ways to inspire & improve not only his team but the clientele as well. Come along to the speech and hear him out. Fair warning, he thinks he’s funnier than he is, but we won’t hold that against him.

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