AND Chat: Agile vs. Waterfall

We’re excited to welcome you to an interactive session during Manchester’s Digital City Festival, where we’ll be debating the pros and cons of Agile approaches and Waterfall deliveries.

In recent years, organisations have been changing their ways of working, moving from Waterfall to Agile methodologies.

Whilst Waterfall encourages teams to deliver-as-initially-designed, Agile encourages them to adapt-while-delivering instead.

In this session, two of AND’s Agile Coaches, Josh Lynas and Julia Thomas, will explore how the two ways of delivery differ, and if Agile is in fact the golden ticket everyone thinks it is.

Through examples of both methodologies in action, they’ll highlight when Agile is the right way of working, and where Waterfall has proven to be more effective.

About Josh

Josh is an Agile Coach at AND Digital, and supports multiple teams in their adoption of Agile ways of working. With his experience working both as part of an Agile team and as a coach, he’s perfectly equipped for helping teams understand what good looks like in terms of both Agile and product ways of working.

About Julia

Julia brings her Business Analyst and Transformation Coach experience in the banking and telecommunications sectors to AND Digital. She’s currently an Agile Coach, supporting teams and their stakeholders along the journey to becoming effective and high-performing in Agile.


🗓Schedule 🗓

18.00: Doors Open and Welcome Drinks

18.25: Introduction

18.30: Josh Lynas and Julia Thomas: Agile vs. Waterfall

19.45: Networking

20.30: Close

A selection of refreshments will be provided

This event is part of the Digital City Festival Fringe programme. All Digital City Festival Fringe Events are independently run and funded – for any queries contact [email protected]

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Date & Time
Monday 9th March
06:00 PM - 08:30 PM

thestudio... 51 Lever Street, Manchester M1 1FN

AND Chat: Agile vs. Waterfall

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