How to Scaleup: The Culture Secret

Building a scaleup business or scaling a startup brings a culture challenge.

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>For scaleups and startups that think big<

The great danger is that unless you establish a chosen culture for your team, then a random culture will develop instead.

So how do you create a culture which:

  • Hires and retains the best people?
  • Gives a voice to key staff?
  • Builds diversity of view without derailing your objectives?
  • Allows different work practices – without creating resentment?


  • Is innovation driven not rule based?
  • Enables people to do life as well as work?
  • Makes good decisions when you are not there?
  • Motivates non-founder staff members?

When you expand internationally, how do you resolve:

  • home office vs international office(s) culture / work practices
  • ‘we do things differently here’ decision making
  • multiple staff and customer languages
  • different ways to motivate international leaders and staff

What cultures do you bring with you and what habits do you leave behind as you scaleup?

Lastly, what is the culture within your exec / founder team and how does that affect everything?

In the UK launch of the Scaleup Canvas we will be looking at the lessons you can learn from Scaleup businesses on how to grow your organisation and successfully solve the culture challenges through all stages of growth.

From challenges such as, do the founders need to be present in all interviews, we’ll map out the steps that successful scaleups take.

Led by Got The T-Shirt Scaleup Coach, Neil Lewis.


This event is part of the Digital City Festival Fringe programme. All Digital City Festival Fringe Events are independently run and funded – for any queries contact [email protected]

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Date & Time
Wednesday 11th March
12:30 PM - 02:00 PM

WeWork, No 1 Spinningfields, Quay St, Manchester M3 3JE

How to Scaleup: The Culture Secret

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