How to Scaleup: The People Secret

Building a Scaleup business or scaling a startup brings a new set of challenges.

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>For scaleups and startups that think big<

Top of your ‘to do’ list is the question of how you hire, reward, motivate and direct your staff and teams to rapidly expand your organisation.

As the same time, how to you solve the questions of:

  • how do you hire the best people for less salary than a corporate
  • home working vs office working vs gig working
  • home office vs international office(s) work culture
  • multiple staff and customer languages
  • how to motivate non-founder staff members


  • what freedoms do people seek in a fast moving scaleup
  • how do you adapt your working rules to fit your growing organisation
  • how do you retain talent
  • how do you build diversity
  • how do you lead through multiple layers of managers

Lastly, what should the emerging roles be for the founders? Are you natural leaders? Sales directors? Or product specialists? Who solves your people questions?

In the UK launch of the Scaleup Canvas we will be looking at the lessons you can learn from Scaleup businesses on how to grow your organisation and successfully solve the people problems through all stages of growth.

From challenges such as, where have all the data scientists gone to where to set the behaviour boundaries, we’ll map out the steps that successful scaleups take to move from startup to scaleup and prepare for Unicorn status.

Led by Got The T-Shirt Scaleup Coach, Neil Lewis.


This event is part of the Digital City Festival Fringe programme. All Digital City Festival Fringe Events are independently run and funded – for any queries contact [email protected]

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Date & Time
Thursday 12th March
06:00 PM - 08:00 PM

Barclays Eagle Lab Manchester, Albert Square, Manchester M2 6LW

How to Scaleup: The People Secret

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