How to Scaleup: The Sales & Brand Secret

Building a Scaleup business or scaling a startup is sales and brand challenge.

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>For scaleups and startups that think big<

How do you solve the growth challenges of:

  • Communicating the purpose of your brand?
  • Selling an incomplete product / service?
  • Building repeat customers?
  • Generating word of mouth sales?


  • Establishing your reputation?
  • Deciding which founder is the sales chief?
  • Choosing when to hire a sales director, sales team or outsource?
  • Whether to let your CEO fly the world selling?

And, as your startup professionalises its sales methods, what kind of sales director do you need, or do you really want one? Or do you engage outsourced lead generation or negotiation teams as part of the sales process?

And what role does your brand play in not only communicating your message but also bring hot leads and potential sales to your door?

How you change these pieces of the scaleup puzzle as you move from back-bedroom to startup to scaleup is critical to your sales revenue growth.

At the UK launch of the Scaleup Canvas we will be looking at the lessons you can learn from successful scaleup businesses on how to grow your organisation and successfully solve the sales and branding challenges as you move through each stage of growth.

We’ll map out the steps that successful scaleups take to move from startup to successful scaleup so you can do the same.

Led by Got The T-Shirt Scaleup Coach, Neil Lewis.


This event is part of the Digital City Festival Fringe programme. All Digital City Festival Fringe Events are independently run and funded – for any queries contact [email protected]

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Date & Time
Thursday 12th March
02:00 PM - 04:00 PM

British Library (BIPC), Central Library, St Peter's Square, Manchester M2 3LR


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