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The Smart Cities UK Campaign brings together towns, cities and industry on a regional basis to address the challenges they face and share experiences. The Campaign is a multi-layered online and offline engagement process designed to advance economic and social improvements across UK regions.

Stage 1

Bringing together digital leaders within Local Authorities across regions to share ambitions, challenges and experiences. Via the regional roadshows we identify and benchmark current economic and social progress of regional cities and towns in attendance, citing challenges such as housing, transport and environmental impact.

Stage 2

Smart Cities UK provides an opportunity to partner with Local Authorities to develop, or support, a smart city strategy. This support can be conducted outside of the Campaign in which we will liaise with our Industry members where necessary to determine solutions appropriate to the challenge in question.

Stage 3

Smart Cities UK showcases best-practice, including any smart city strategies being developed via the national website. This repository of case-studies will include guidance, information and tools for UK Cities and Towns seeking to gain an understanding and whom may not be able to make the roadshows. This repository is backed-up with access to key experts, advisors and bodies partnering the Campaign which can add value to your strategy including Crown Commercial Services.

Come and join us on the 13th March at Spinningfields Conference Centre to join the growing network.



09.00- 09.45: Registration

09.45: What is the Smart Cities UK Campaign all about

Speaker – Scott Buckler, Campaign Manager

09:55: Benchmarking your smart city strategy

Cities are Darwinian: they need to adapt to the unprecedented changes – societal, technological, economic and environmental – that are taking place now and will continue for the foreseeable future.

Smart processes and the use of benchmarking are critical to helping cities analyse their adaptability and resilience to change – providing city leaders with not only a toolkit to focus their efforts, but also an evidence base for a stakeholder-led, holistic approach to providing solutions and achieving long-term goals.

In this session, Allan Mayo, Smart City Strategist, Digital Greenwich Cities, outlines how DG Cities is using an evidence-based tool to ensure its smart city strategy has resilience and adaptability at the core. Allan will showcase the benchmarking tool and highlight current economic and social trends across Greater Manchester.

Speaker – Allan Mayo, Smart City Strategist, Digital Greenwich Cities

10:20: Tackling common City & Town Challenges

Via a facilitated workshop we will examine current challenges from regions along with other local authority/borough data to make meaningful comparisons about how resilient the boroughs are to the significant changes afoot, and to gain powerful insights into priorities and risks, with a view to developing smarter, more effective interventions that will ameliorate the situation.

This interactive workshop, question & answer session will allow delegates the opportunity to share their concerns, ideas and opportunities to create an open, transparent and shared-learning session

Hosted by Scott Buckler, Campaign Manager

11:40 – Refreshments and Networking

12:00 – Procurement as an enabler for smart cities in the UK

Speaker – Crown Commercial Services Confirmed

12:15 – Delivering the digital foundations to enable Smart Cities

Intechnology Smart Cities will discuss and demonstrate how they are working with key cities and towns throughout the UK to realise the Smart City vision by getting the digital building blocks right. Their presentation will focus on key locations that have successfully implemented the right digital infrastructure and are now benefitting from the opportunities and benefits it enables.

Speaker – Rob Woollard, Technical Product Manager, Intechnology Smart Cities

12.35- Selecting the right technology for a smart future

Speaker -Daren Lang, Regional Manager, Business Development at Axis Communications

12.55- Digital Salford

Digital Salford, the collaboration of key stakeholders in the City of Salford, has published its ambitious new Digital Strategy; setting out some clear intentions for Salford to become an internationally recognised connected digital city. It includes the launch of MediaCityUK’s first Smart City Accelerator.

Salford’s race to become a Smart City was boosted further with the official publication of its Digital Strategy and the launch of a Smart City Accelerator. The Accelerator sponsored by MediaCityUK and CBRE will be based at The Landing in 2020 and will be the first of its kind in the region aimed at innovation companies who are looking to develop and demonstrate smart solutions for both build and environmental management.

Jon Corner, Chief Digital Officer, City of Salford (Invited)

13.15- Unlocking the potential of tomorrow’s cities with insights generated from existing street lighting infrastructure

Lucy Zodion’s Ki. smart city platform transforms street lighting infrastructure into smart city assets to enable informed urban innovation. The solution helps city leaders address a range of municipal pain points, through an interoperable ecosystem of smart devices and intelligent software.

Lucy Zodion will explore how the Ki. platform enables Local Authorities to not only control and monitor the performance of their street lighting scheme, but evaluate and analyse their smart city assets (such as street lights) in order to generate actionable insights that inform innovation and drive efficiencies.

Session delivered by Lucy Zodian 

13.35- Lunch and Networking

14.10- Alcatel Lucent Enterprise

Session delivered by Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise 

14.30- A Radical Digital Council

Our citizens are at the heart of everything we do in Stockport and our digital transformation programme embodies this. What we are changing goes way beyond new digital technologies – it’s about people and culture. Our digital strategy is driving new working practices to ensure we’re fit for the future, fundamentally reshaping our services and the way we interact with individuals and communities.

Lee Emery, Programme Manager, Digital Transformation, Stockport Council (Invited)

14.50- The World’s Fastest Rural Broadband

Broadband for the Rural North Ltd or ‘B4RN’ was launched in December 2011 by a local volunteer group led by industry expert Barry Forde. B4RN is all about community, and we need community support in every area we expand into. This comes in the form of investors, local volunteers and supportive landowners. Communities have so much to gain; not only faster broadband for families, schools and businesses but also a provider that cares about service to its customers and returns all its profits to the community!

Barry Forde, Chief Executive, B4RN (Invited)

15.10- Conference Close


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Date & Time
Friday 13th March
09:00 AM - 03:30 PM

Spinningfields Conference Centre, Floor 3, 3 Hardman Square, Manchester, M3 3EB

Public Sector - Free
Private Sector -
£360 inc. VAT

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