Stress Kills Creativity

Calling all senior leaders and people managers in the digital sector.

People in tech are 5X more depressed than the national average, take this opportunity to look at stress in your workplace. Learn to understand and identify stress and leave with tools to help you reduce the impact of stress on your business.

During this event you will look at;

– The meaning of Stress

– What causes Stress

– The physical and Mental impact of Stress

There will be an interactive session that will look at;

– How we control our reaction to stress

– Effective Stress Busters

– Emotional capacity and thought management

– Physical management of stress

Hosting this event is Emma-Louise Fusari and Deanne Walsh.

Emma-Louise is the founder of In-House Health. She helps digital and tech companies with their workplace health and wellbeing. With 18 years nursing experience, Emma-Louise helps organisations get to the root cause of their problems through providing key health data and solutions to the problems.

Deanne is the founder of Dewa Consulting . She has been a HR Manager and skills trainer for SMEs in the North West for over 12 years, with 10 years of this in digital agencies. Now a mental health and wellbeing trainer, passionate about improvig people’s lives. a passion for wellbeing and engagement in teams, especially around mental health. She also has years of volunteer counselling, mentoring and coaching experience.

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Date & Time
Monday 9th March
04:00 PM - 06:00 PM

WeWorks Labs, John Dalton Street, Manchester M2 6HY

Stress Kills Creativity

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