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LeadFamly offers game-based lifecycle marketing software on a subscription basis, enabling companies in any industry to successfully connect, engage, and grow business anywhere in the customer lifecycle. Our easy-to-use software platform gives marketers a tool to design their own branded online marketing games. With more than 25 different game concepts to choose from, companies can find just the right concept to reach their marketing goals.
Prior to the founding of LeadFamly, we existed actually as an agency that built custom gamification campaigns. These game campaigns helped our clients catch the attention of our target audience. Even better, they engaged deeply with their audiences. The catch: these attention-grabbing campaigns were super expensive to build from scratch.

That’s how the idea of LeadFamly formed. We thought, “what if we could build a technology enabling any company to build and run marketing gamification campaigns on their own without the need to work with an agency?” We strongly believed that this was the missing technology in the marketing tech stack, and we believed that building this tool could be a key element in our clients’ pursuit of deeper and more meaningful interactions with their target audiences.

Today, LeadFamly helps brands:

  • Capture quality leads at a lower cost, turning idle prospects into engaged leads for their sales teams
  • Build branded game campaigns — with LeadFamly, you can build as many branded games and campaigns as you like, when you need them, and without the need of an agency or development resources
  • Grow brand engagement by turning idle followers into engaged micro-influencers and generate more brand impressions on social channels
  • Drive omnichannel sales — online game campaigns let you turn app and website visitors into in-store shoppers

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