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Despite fierce competition for ad positioning and rising bid costs, the appetite for paid media spend within marketing budgets continues to grow as businesses grasp the power of digital marketing channels. With this opportunity comes a pressure to justify additional spend and prove the financial return on such investment.

Ruler Analytics is a visitor level multi-touch marketing attribution product for forms, phone calls & live chat, evidencing every step a visitor makes in their journey and matching revenue back to the source.

By closing the loop between sales revenue and marketing activity, Ruler’s platform provides a single point of truth to identify which campaigns drive revenue, allowing organisations to make meaningful decisions to optimise marketing spend.

Ruler’s technology has been adopted by marketing professionals around the world, serving a wide range of industries including digital marketing services, financial and professional services, travel and hospitality, education, health and beauty and high-value ecommerce. Ruler integrates with analytics tools, CRM and other products, to ‘close the loop’ between leads and revenue, providing insight where you need it most.

This allows marketers to accurately measure the influence their campaigns are having on sales growth, evidence your most effective campaigns and optimise activity based on revenue instead of leads.

With a simple and quick implementation process, Ruler’s solution can be integrated with 1,000s of sales and marketing platforms as well as bespoke, in-house solutions, typically with no developer resource required, so you can be enriching data from day 1.

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