Ben Grubert

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Ben Grubert Ben Grubert
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At INEVITABLE we think differently about technology, we believe that by collaborating we can push the boundaries of what is possible.

From our work with our CTO service clients, to the creation of our new AI systems. We have recently we have found that for new and cutting-edge companies the wild west of tech seems to be changing at an ever-increasing rate. Speaking from our experience as a technology developer, we will explore the type of challenges and innovations we see on the horizon and the ways we will need to adapt the fit in to the new world.

From the types of problems we solve, to the tools we use the solve those problems.

We all need to shift the way they think about, use and interact with technology.

So we can create strategies to be able to keep up, however, we will also need to shift the way we think so we don’t get left behind.

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